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Final EIR
The Final EIR is available for public review. The Final EIR includes all comments received on the Draft EIR, responses to these comments, and minor text corrections and revisions. Download (pdf)

Draft EIR
The Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) for the Priority Area 1 Specific Plan is now available for public review.  The Draft EIR provides an analysis of the potential environmental impacts associated with implementation of the Priority Area 1 Specific Plan. Members of the public and other interested agencies and individuals are invited to provide comments on the Priority Area 1 Specific Plan and Draft EIR.  

Written comments on the Priority Area 1 Specific Plan and the Draft EIR may be submitted in writing to:
Erik Nolthenius, Planning Manager, 150 City Park Way, Brentwood, CA 94513.  Written comments must be received by July 27, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. 

Copies of the Priority Area 1 Specific Plan and Draft EIR are available at City Hall, at the address provided above, or PDF versions posted below.

    • Priority Area 1 Specific Plan Draft EIR (pdf)
    • Appendix A IS NOP and NOP Comments (pdf)
    • Appendix B AQ GHG and Energy (pdf)
    • Appendix C Noise Data (pdf)
    • Appendix D Traffic Data (pdf)
    • Appendix E Water Supply Assessment (pdf)

Draft Specific Plan
The Draft PA-1 Specific Plan is available for review.  Download the document (pdf)
    • Appendix B Existing Conditions Report (pdf)
    • Appendix C Water Supply Assessment (pdf)
    • Appendix D Fiscal Analysis (pdf)
    • Appendix E Draft Utilities & Roadway Cost Estimate (pdf)

Initial Study/Notice of Preparation
The City of Brentwood will serve as Lead Agency in the preparation of a programmatic Environmental Impact Report (Program EIR) addressing development of the Priority Area 1 Specific Plan. Download (pdf)

Existing Conditions Report
This report (pdf) establishes the existing conditions at the time the Specific Plan preparation began.  This report is used as a reference document throughout the process and will also be used to identify the existing baseline settings for the topics that will be addressed in the Environmental Impact Report.

Land Use Alternative Report
The Land Use Alternatives Report (pdf) includes background information describing the planning context and General Plan goals for PA-1.  It also includes a description of each of the three land use map alternatives, which include growth projections (housing units and jobs) associated with full build-out of each scenario.  A supporting analysis describing fiscal implications, economic development considerations, and traffic implications is provided for each map scenario.